Take The Test

Take the Test

Make a cup of coffee and get comfortable, it is a long test.

If it’s worth doing it’s worth doing well.

Please take a minute to read what your participation involves….

There are minimal risks associated with your participation, including an investment of your time (20 minutes) and possibly mild emotional discomfort from items on the survey. However, we do not anticipate this to be any more significant than would be experienced from day-to-day life. If you decide to participate but change your mind during the test, you may exit at any time without consequence. However, please note that when leaving early or on completion of the test, PersonalaME will be unable to remove your responses as they are not identifiable. If you do feel distressed, please, talk to someone, you may wish to contact family or friends, your General Practitioner, your Employee Assistance Program, or access a global directory of supports such as Check Point https://checkpointorg.com/global/

Consent is for your data to be collected, stored, and used in analysis and publications in a non-identifiable format.

By clicking the Start now button, I confirm I have read and understood the above information and consent for my anonymous data to be used for future projects undertaken by the PersonalaMe team.

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